What is your Dream Date?

In my dorm, our RA likes to post pages in each bathroom stall with questions for us to answer. Ignoring the total lack of sanitation in using the same pen and the level of awkward that escalates when imagining my hall mates on the can, I have found that answering these questions is an interesting addition to my day.

Typically the questions are something like “What is your favorite holiday?” or “What’s the best place on campus to hang out?”. Simple, easy. But for some reason she decided to post the question “What is your dream date?”
Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but I find this to be a very personal question. Perhaps I’m just uncomfortable with sharing such personal information with various young women that I just happen to share a dorm hallway and bathroom with, but the idea of revealing that type of information is very off-putting.
I could answer with something bland and typical, such as “a picnic” or “horse-drawn carriage ride.” But neither of these are accurate. For one, horse-drawn carriages may seem romantic, but generally they’re very uncomfortable and in the middle of densely crowded cityscapes that are permeated with the very unromantic stench of gasoline and horse excretions. Beyond this, I prefer my horses to be saddled and carrying me across fields at a gallop, not stifled and reduced to plodding down dirty, pavemented streets. As for picnics: I love them but I prefer to experience them in a familial atmosphere, which certainly does not make for a dream date.
So, no. I couldn’t write an answer so bland and typical. Incidentally, I haven’t written an answer at all. But what if I did want to reveal my dream date? What would it possibly be?
Questions such as this tend to evoke the more philosophical side of my mind. After all, the purpose of a “date” as we know it today is a means of getting to know a potential partner. Doesn’t that mean that the date should be formulated based off mutual interest? That, of course, begs the question of whether or not it would be helpful to base the date off of your preference, assuming that you are the girl in a heterosexual relationship.
I would have to say that no, it would not be helpful. After all, feminism is a growing concept. Romantic partnership has expanded in that it is meant to be the relationship between two equals, regardless of gender.
I think, if I had to come up with a dream date, that it would be the meeting of two equals eager to learn about each other and have new experiences. It would be the mutual agreement of an activity that contributes to their potentially growing bond. And, perhaps, I would like some flowers.
Of course, I won’t put that on the paper in the bathroom stall. Certainly, I not only would look pretentious, but I would be interrupting the light and carefree air that seems to be necessary to sustain camaraderie here.
Nonetheless, I enjoy the mental exercise. And, for the sake of discussion, what is YOUR dream date?